Collection: Toshiaki Mori

Toshiaki is the 19th generation of the renowned Mori family of potters. As a child, he played with clay before he had even begun to speak. Through his father, Yasushi, he learned not only masterful techniques but also the family philosophy. Toshiaki tells us, “Bizen Pottery is not a tradition for the sake of artists – but a culture for the sake of the people.” He stresses the cultural value of Bizen Pottery, which enriches people’s lives by embodying wabi-sabi, a traditional Japanese aesthetic that embraces the beauty in imperfection. His belief in the cultural importance of Bizen Pottery led him to study Cultural Property for his bachelor’s degree. Now, Toshiaki continuously adapts his art style to modern customers’ tastes and aspires to spread Japanese culture worldwide through Bizen Pottery.