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Though simple in form, this piece exhibits Toshiaki's extraordinary technique. To create such a balanced and subtle shape requires a mastery of the potter's wheel as well as an understanding of how firing will affect the overall form of the piece. The bluish-gray line which cuts across the middle of the piece was a serendipitous addition, and the layering of brown, blue and black evokes an image of earth meeting sky meeting space. Where the sky meets earth, we can see many Goma pattern streaks. Goma patterns—so named due to their resemblance to sesame seeds—are created when ash adheres to the surface of a work in a firewood kiln. As Bizen Art does not use any glazes or paints, the traditional Goma patterning is an important means of aesthetic expression for Bizen artists.

W15xL15xH13 cm
W5.9xL5.9xH5.1 inch



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