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Rahou 螺法 - Vase-

Rahou 螺法 - Vase-

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Kazuya's Rahou series. Through his distinctive rahou (螺法) spiraling technique, Kazuya takes advantage of the spinning potter's wheel to impart a sense of grace and power to his Bizen Art pieces.  With its warm brown coloring and the fine spirals decorating the surface, this sculptural piece evokes the image of a tree growing deep into the soil and upward toward the sky.

This piece is remarkable in its use of the traditional Bizen "Goma 胡麻" technique and Ishida Kazuya's signature white fabric to create a distinctive and unparalleled colour palette. This unusual combination of techniques and materials is a testament to the artist's innovative vision and masterful technical skill, resulting in a work that is both visually striking and conceptually profound.

Size: 9.5cm x9.5cm x 10cm 
Weight:  300g 



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