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Keshiki -Nishoku-

Keshiki -Nishoku-

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Ichiro’s Keshiki series. Keshiki (景色) means landscape in Japanese. In Bizen Art, the keshiki of a piece refers to the landscape of the surface formed through variations in color and texture. Ichiro designs the keshiki of his artwork intentionally, hoping that the various ways of interpreting his works will inspire people to engage in lively discussion when using the pieces in their daily lives.

Nishoku (二色) means two colors. Ichiro created the two-color gradation by controlling the amounts of ash and the temperature and humidity inside the kiln. The clear demarcation of colors is difficult to create in Bizen Art, and so this piece exhibits a rare beauty.

This piece exhibits the rustic charm of Bizen Art with its uneven and unglazed surface. The surface of a Bizen Art tableware piece will become smoother as it is used, encouraging one to contemplate how a piece of art attains new beauty when incorporated into daily life.

Note: A display stand is not included with this piece.

W17xL19xH2 cm
W6.7xL7.5xH0.8 inch



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