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This exceptional artwork evokes the mineralization of Kazuya Ishida and is a stunning example of the traditional Bizen technique of "Shinogi". The artist's masterful use of this technique results in a dynamic expression that imbues the work with a strong and evocative presence, resembling a magnificent mine.

The artist's meticulous attention to detail is evident in their personal selection of clay from the mines, where the raw and powerful nature of the environment had a profound influence on the creation of this rare and precious piece. Obtained from only a small portion of the kiln firing at a time, the exquisite interplay of colours in the traditional Bizen techniques of "sesame" and "kiln alteration" is finely intertwined in the kiln firing.

This remarkable artwork is a testament to the artist's technical skill, expertise, and creative vision, and represents a compelling synthesis of nature and artistry. Its power to captivate and inspire reflects the artist's deep connection to the natural world and its ability to harness its raw energy and beauty in its work. This truly exceptional piece embodies the highest level of craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence.

W18xL17.5xH8.5 cm



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