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Tea Set -Bamboo-

Tea Set -Bamboo-

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The unassuming beauty of Bizen Art has attracted masters of the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries, and the tea ceremony in turn has influenced the aesthetic development of Bizen Art. The coloring of this tea set is an exquisite example of Sangiri - a traditional Bizen Art color pattern of black and gray gradation produced by covering certain areas of a piece with ash so as to shield them from direct exposure to the kiln fire.

The pieces of this set exhibit the rustic charm of Bizen Art with their uneven and unglazed surfaces. The surface of a Bizen Art tableware piece will become smoother as it is used, encouraging one to contemplate how a piece of art attains new beauty when incorporated into daily life.

This set includes a teapot, six teacups, and a yusamashi -a lipped pot without a lid used to cool boiled water before making tea. The handle of the teapot's lid features a bamboo motif.

Teapot: 0.3kg
W10xL12xH10 cm
W3.9xL4.7xH3.9 inch
Yusamashi: 0.2kg
W10xL10.5xH5.5 cm
W3.9xL4.1xH2.2 inch
Teacups: 0.1kg
W7xL7xH5.5 cm
W2.8xL2.8xH2.2 inch



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